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Current Issue

C2 Europe 75

Not just a feast for the eyes …
With the new ConSlitter, KAMPF presents a completely new concept of the proven turret winding technology. C2 spoke exclusively to Oliver Conrad, general sales manager converting flexibles at KAMPF, about the advantages of the machine

From a student’s idea to an award-winning converting innovation

C2 spoke exclusively to Fabian Franke, general manager of Nepata GmbH, which won one of this year’s ICE Innovation Awards

The perfect straw The perfect straw
With a modified version of their RAPID D1 flagship for the production of paper straws, GOEBEL IMS is in touch with the latest trends and modernises a proven concept

Letting the air out!
DRECKSHAGE’s new EcoStretchRoll guarantees INNO Tape drastically improved winding results

Cover C2 Europe 75
Sustainability is key
Based on 36 years of experience in winding & converting machines, MONDON offers machines which are suitable for both organic papers and plastic films

‘Nothing is impossible’
C2 spoke to Barrie Homewood, sales and marketing director, Atlas Converting Equipment Ltd., on how to meet customer’s demands in the light of digitisation and Industry 4.0

Static electricity as a chance for increasing profitability Static electricity as a chance for increasing profitability
Even though static electricity is widely regarded as a nuisance, it also offers oopportunities. For this reason the latest systems from Simco-Ion include Industry 4.0 connectivity

Clean webs without static electricity
Ralph Simon, area manager at Meech International, discusses the decisive role of electrostatic and web cleaning systems in the converting sector

Putting safety first
At ICE Europe, Eltex (Weil am Rhein, Germany) showcased its solutions for the converting industry. C2 talked exclusively to Marc Rechberger, sales manager static control

Small, but powerful
Fraser launches the world’s smallest 24V DC static elimination bar

No chance for paper dust
For converting applications, Wandres introduces the Web Sword Brush, which reliably removes paper dust from board webs, eliminating misprints and machine downtime

Indispensable for efficiency

David Westwood, sales and marketing director at KSM Superclean (Glasgow, UK), explains why precision cleaning is vital for quality assurance

Web cleaning with network capabilities

The latest development by Swiss Hildebrand Technology is the world’s first contactless web cleaning system that is network-capable and enables easy integration in all important fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks

Smart self-medication
Schreiner MediPharm’s NFC label is now being applied to the auto-injector SmartPilot from Ypsomed

Safe thanks to NFC
BERICAP and Thinfilm work together to implement advanced closure technology

Growing together while bundling competencies
August Faller and Perigord found joint venture for artwork in packaging and labels

New technologies, new materials, new solutions
Chinaplas 2019 strengthened its reputation as a worldwide platform for latest plastics applications

“Woodstock for tech-nerds”
On 10 and 11 April, Estrel Berlin was once again the location of the “IDTechEx Show”. Besides topics such as electric vehicles, graphene, photovoltaics and wearables, especially printed electronics was a centrepiece of the event

Textiles of the future
The international textile industry meets in Barcelona at this year’s ITMA

When precision is needed the most
The experts at FMP Technology (Erlangen, Germany) explain the importance of quick data transmission via 5G: A technology that is expected to open up new opportunities in converting and printed electronics as well

A new path to the planned family
A new sensor patch for the determination of women’s fertile days counts on tailor-made solutions of Lohmann

Thinking outside the box is decisive
C2 discusses patented measurement solutions for the complete imaging of produced materials with Eva Knorr, managing director of Mesys GmbH

A perfect combination for drying
The Lithuanian packaging manufacturer PakMarkas is relying on LED UV solutions which make the production more efficient, more flexible and more sustainable

The door to a new life
Siemens was awarded with the integration prize of the German city of Karlsruhe for its remarkable commitment for refugees