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10 years of Packaging Excellence Center
Wednesday 6 December 2017, Companies/Markets
The PEC is contacted by international delegations and establishes connections with other networks from all over the world (photo: PEC) The Packaging Excellence Center (PEC) celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2017. Since its foundation, PEC has developed from a regional into a nationwide network in Germany with international reputation. From originally 36 founding members, the industry network has grown to 70 members and partners today.  read more >>

Comexi’s ML2 combines versatility and high productivity
  Tuesday 5 December 2017, Products and Innovations
  Comexi (Girona, Spain), specialist in solutions for the flexible packaging printing and converting industry, launches its latest lamination technology: the Comexi ML2. A top-range laminator designed under two key concepts: versatility and the highest productivity.  read more >>

DR. GUNTHER KAST restructures sales department for products in industrial bookbinding, print and packaging
  Monday 4 December 2017, Appointments
  Dr. Günther Kast GmbH & Co. Technische Gewebe Spezial-Fasererzeugnisse KG, based in Sonthofen, Germany, restructures its sales department for multi-layer paper and tissue products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Dr. Alfred Wassermann retires and hands over his responsibilities to Angela Tamasko.  read more >>

Sun Chemical to increase prices of flexible packaging products
  Friday 1 December 2017, Companies/Markets
  Sun Chemical (Parsippany, New Jersey) will increase prices on liquid inks and coatings for flexible packaging for its customers across all regions, effective 1 January 2018.  read more >>

Steinbach AG manufactures seamless seals in XXL format
  Thursday 30 November 2017, Companies/Markets
  Steinbach AG from Detmold, Germany, enters new dimensions. With its new vulcanisation line Rotcure D320, it produces seamless seals up to 3m in diameter for its customers.  read more >>

Growing global network of ColorTrack dealers leads to expanded partnership between QuadTech and ColorConsulting
  Wednesday 29 November 2017, Companies/Markets
  QuadTech Inc. (Sussex, Wisconsin) and ColorConsulting S.r.l. (Saronno, Italy) recently announced an expanded partnership for managing the growth of QuadTech’s global network of ColorTrack dealers. Under the formal agreement, ColorConsulting will leverage their colour workflow expertise and relationships with ink manufacturers to prepare and support regional ColorTrack dealers, ultimately helping individual printers get the most out of QuadTech’s technology and software.  read more >>


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